To See Yourself Loving is to See What Is

To See Yourself Loving is to See What Is:

See Yourself MeditationTo See Yourself Loving is to see what is real. Practicing to See Yourself Loving is much more than a creative visualization. In fact it is our misuse of our creative imaginations that has made our illusions so vividly real. To See Yourself Loving is to see thru our shared illusions and know the truth.

Jeanne Rindge, a dear friend of ours once wrote, “It starts with a forgotten knowing, which many are beginning to remember. It is remembrance of an all-encompassing ‘Isness’. That which extends aspects of Itself into us as co-creators of what is becoming manifest. We are learning to experience it as a spark of light within us. That extension of pure unconditional loving which is the source of all that is. Love is what we want, who we are, and where we are all ultimately headed. All that remains is the question of how long we choose to take on our journey of awakening.”


Imagine life as an infinitely evolving playground for the Divine. A place where each of us are here to evolve increasingly more perfect reflections of the Isness for us all to experience. And as co-creators when we create well, do we not experience it as joy? Perhaps joy may be the Isness joy-ing through us. Beyond our thoughts and feelings our way to it is simply a process of letting-go.

Love is always present and to See Yourself Loving we must simply move our awareness to where it is within. Attune to your breath, feel the loving which is breathing you, and “See Your Self Loving.” Our breath is a perfect example of how we are being loved and are loving.

Unity of Opposites:

The Unity of Opposites is where the spark of life exists. A positive and negative current unite to produce a spark of electricity. Warm and cool air unite to produce the spark, the energy of a storm. Male and female unite to produce new life. And the unity of heaven and earth is union of God and man. One name for this sacred spark is the Holy Spirit: the place where it is born within us is a listening heart.

Holy Grail:

We liken our physical body to the mystical Holy Grail. We have for centuries been searching for this sacred vessel and all along we believe it has been us. As we fill our sacred vessel with loving, like water pouring into a glass, everything that is not love rises up and very quickly all that is not serving us for the highest good simply dissolves as our loving overflows from your vessel. There truly is a new era emerging.

Unconditionally Loving Vessels:

The Lord’s Prayer, the Mayan Sun Cross Codex, the 7 roots of Yoga, the Cabala and Sacred Geometry all masterfully revealed to us the interconnections of who we are in relationship to one another and to Source.  Each has provided key aspects helping to birth Oracle of the Heart. And it continues to confirm for us how we are this Holy Grail which we seek. Using “See Yourself Loving” as a mantra for the soul, fills our Holy Grail with loving Isness, transmuting limited states of mind and irrational beliefs into unconditionally loving vessels.

Our members are provided multiple meditative exercises and programs to transmute irrational beliefs created from unresolved emotional events by harvesting memories. This clears and cleanses inner pathways revealing the loving that was, and always is, present.

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The Pain in our lives is about one thing; missed opportunities to 'See Ourselves Loving'.

We encourage you to use every challenge as an opportunity to 'See Yourself Loving".