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Live the Promise ebook

“Live the Promise” The story of how Bodie McCoy’s life led him to discover dynamic threads between the seven branches of Yoga, the Mayan Sun Cross codex, Tarot, the Tree of Life, the only prayer Jesus taught, the chakra energy centers of the body, and Sacred Geometry.” What was revealed to him enabled him to […]

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The Prayer Jesus Taught

The Prayer Jesus Taught helps reveal the Sacred Geometry within the Lords Prayer affirming that it is not just a prayer but a mystical formula for living a fulfilling, successful and loving life. Our journey to Oracle of the Heart began with the only Prayer Jesus Taught; The Lord’s Prayer.

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The Eighth Heaven ebook

Experience the mystical connections between the ancient Mayan culture, the Anasazi and the Lord’s Prayer. Ultimately revealing a stairway into the Eighth Heaven. If you’re interested in the mystical wisdom of the Original Maya’s and their connections to the Anasazi Ancient Ones, this book will be particularly interesting.

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Heart Dances e-book

Heart Dances represent both the content and product of Oracle of the Heart. It offers in depth stories offered by both Bodie and Barbara McCoy. They share many of their magical experiences of trekking through ancient Mayan temples, and visits to the Anasazi great kiva. Stories of learning to let go, trust, and have faith. […]

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Oracle of the Heart ebook

This Introductory Workbook provides rich content and instruction on working with Oracle of the Heart including a 32 Key-word Glossary giving you a workbook that will undoubtedly expand your heart and mind. Experience personally what Oracle of the Heart can do to enrich the quality of your life and those you care about. ($7.95) An […]

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Eight Simple Words ebook

Science tells us that our universe is built on a foundation of interwoven waves of light and so is our own consciousness. Each of these eight simple words is an expression of pure light, which is why they make such valuable spiritual tools. If you will simply observe how a candle flame freely and effortlessly releases its‟ light/energy and warmth you will receive some valuable insights into how your own spirit is doing the same thing. Like Our Creator, consuming is our nature and these eight words help you to release your light into spirit which then liberates you to consume your life more and more freely.

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6 eBooks by Bodie McCoy

Purchasing this package of 6 ebooks by Bodie McCoy provides Live the Promise for free. Each of these ebooks is informative and provides techniques created from Oracle of the Heart. We hope you find them interesting reading as well as uplifting and inspirational. You will receive Live the Promise, Heart Dances, The Prayer Jesus Taught, […]

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The Law of Attraction Program

This is an informative and experiential program / course that facilitates shifting focus to create the life you deserve. The Law of Attraction is a spiritual technology. Teachings we have discovered within the Lord’s Prayer become stepping stones to manifesting what is for the highest good in your life. Learn the eight most uplifting words […]

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The Lord’s Prayer is About Us

This is a course on the Lord’s Prayer. It takes an extensive look into The Lord’s Prayer and how it is about us. In it we share what we have discovered over nearly 40 years of research and dedication. Learn its magical potential and its mystical elements. See its geometrically perfect structure that aligns with […]

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The Pain in our lives is about one thing; missed opportunities to 'See Ourselves Loving'.

We encourage you to use every challenge as an opportunity to 'See Yourself Loving".