The Eighth Heaven ebook

The Eighth Heaven by Bodie McCoy

Learn about the mystical connections between the ancient Maya, Anasazi and the Lord’s Prayer. Here we emphasize how the relationships between the Lord’s Prayer and the Sun Cross Codes in Palenque Mexico have contributed richly to the creation and understanding of Oracle of the Heart. For those interested in the mystical wisdom of the Maya Ancient Ones or their connections to the Anasazi Ancient Ones, this book will be particularly interesting.

About the author

Bodie McCoy: Entrepreneur/Inventor, Author, Spiritual Counselor and Life Coach.
Bodie grew up surfing the waves of Southern California’s coastline and was enthusiastically engaged in 60’s. Sure that LSD was the path to enlightenment he began to ride the drug induced waves of consciousness. Eventually the drugs caused a wipeout which began his true spiritual quest learning to ride life’s waves. He began learning about Yoga, the Chakras, the IChing, Kabbalah and the Tree of Life, Numerology, Sacred Geometry, The Melchezidec Priesthood and the Ancient Maya's. He saw an entire teaching within The Lord’s Prayer that was connected to all of them. The result was the development of “Oracle of the Heart”. A mystical mirror or blueprint of human consciousness.

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