• Surfing the Realms of Love

Expanding Self Awareness

With Key Elements from Oracle of the Heart

Surfing Love turns life's challenges into our greatest opportunities. Use weekly to reap its many benefits.

Step #1: Setting Intention

Inwardly Complete these 3 Sentences

1. I want to feel ....

2. I want to be ....

3. I want to have ....

Then say: This or something better for my highest good.


Step #2: Opening to Synchronicity 

Click the “Generate” buttons below to get a Challenge, Opportunity, Theme and Ascendant number. Then find the corresponding numbers on the colored chart for your specific 4 word pattern of consciousness you are being guided to work with this week. Write them down. A Printable/fill-able form to record and keep them is available at the bottom.

  • Only have a minute? Choose a Theme for the day below and affirm it throughout your day!





29. Consuming

30. Creating

31. Aware

32. Loving

25. Controlling

26. Liberating

27. Accomplishing

28. Free

21. Negating

22. Affirming

23. Seeing

24. Peaceful

17. Listening

18. Speaking

19. Communing

20. Joyful

13. Repelling

14. Attracting

15. Caring

16. Grateful

9. Unhappy

10. Happy


12. Appreciating

5. Discerning


7. Knowing

8. Accepting

1. Receiving

2. Giving

3. Wanting

4. Letting Go

Step #3: Reflection

  • What does each word mean to you?
  • Ask yourself, how does my first word represent a challenge to me? How does my second word represent an opportunity to me, my third word a theme, and how does my 4th word uplift me?
  • Visualize and feel each word as an energy resource within you. Allow each word to fill you just like the light of a candle's flame fills a dark room.
  • Now create an affirmation with each word. Repeat them in sequence breathing gently but deeply. Example: I am listening, I am free, I am appreciating and I am accomplishing. Note: Your pattern of words has emerged to help clear limiting beliefs while opening your heart and mind to new possibilities.
  • Each day repeat Step #1 to set your intention for the day. Throughout your day, inwardly, say your four affirmations often. Reflect on the four-word pattern you received from the game for one full week, then play the game again selecting 4 new words. [Every seven days is a natural creative cycle]
  • (Click for fillable Form worksheet to make notes & print)

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The Pain in our lives is about one thing; missed opportunities to 'See Ourselves Loving'.

We encourage you to use every challenge as an opportunity to 'See Yourself Loving".