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Therapists call revisiting the past a life review which provides opportunities to see our lives differently. Using our Creator Profile generator exercises not only provides this they actually help you perceive  your relationship to the event/s or person/s in new ways, consequently promoting emotional release which is always healing.

There are 8 Creator Profiles; one for each of the levels of consciousness we work with in our system; Oracle of the Heart. Each Creator Profile provides unique ways of attuning you to your creative potential while aligning you with what is for your highest good at any given moment. As a result, this is a highly reflective way to open to a new way of seeing, thinking and experiencing yourself. Using these profiles is one of the ways we have found that is simple and yet provides profound insights. We hope you find them as useful as we have.

To sum up, each time you create a profile, and we suggest doing this as a weekly process, you give yourself an opportunity to align with your pure divine loving self; freeing yourself from any attachments or resistances from the past to be fully present here and now. Click Download for a Creator Profile worksheets. Follow the steps below to create your first level one profile.

Step 1: Creator Profile

Setting Intention: Firstly, with a sincere heart, inwardly ask that only that which is for your Highest Good be revealed to you as you generate your profile.

Step 2:

Secondly, click Generate on the Random Selector below four times and write down what number you get each time. This is how to complete your Profile statements on your Creator Profile Chart. There are four words on each of the eight levels we work with. Hence, your first word will be your challenge word, the second word that you generate is your opportunity word, the third word you generate is the theme and the fourth word is what we call the ascendant. The ascendant word carries the energy to help you rise up to a new level of awareness regarding whatever the profile pattern revealed to you this week.

If you generate the #1 your word is Receiving. If you generate the #2 your word is Giving. If you generate #3 your word is Wanting and if you generate #4 your word is Letting-go.
This level of our Creator Profiles works specifically with the base chakra. In other words, working with this helps free up blocked energy that you may have created in the past having anything to do with giving, receiving, wanting and letting-go. Reflect upon each word for a moment. To clarify, remember the 1st word you generated represents a challenge this week. So, for example, simply feel how that word is challenging you right now. Move on to the second word you generated, which is your opportunity word for the week, and reflect on how that word can be an opportunity. Continue to word #3, the theme for this week, and reflect on what that means to you. Then move on to the ascendant word. As a result this is the word that will assist you in ascending to a new level of awareness as you open and accept your own inner guidance you will receive working with the pattern of words you got using them as affirmations over the next week.

Step 3:

Thirdly, use the next Random Selector below to choose which one of the 16 specific Doors of Perception Meditative Exercises your are being guided to listen to now. Thus enabling you to integrate what is for your highest good and release all that no longer serves you. Ultimately awakening you more fully to the loving awareness within you. [Suggestion: Selecting a new Door of Perception daily facilitates a depth of clearing but keep affirming the same 4 word pattern]

Click on the Door of Perception meditation below that your Creator Profile has guided you to work with today. Then just sit back, relax and open your heart to receive the blessings of your own life’s experience as you see them thru new eyes.

Creator Profiles best if used weekly:

In addition, we suggest using this Creator Profile process on a weekly basis as it will continue to bring forth more and more to clear, opening you to be more present in every facet of your life.

In conclusion, there are 8 levels of awareness that our system works with and on each level there are 16 different Doors of Perceptions that each of us share. However, we experience them on a personal basis very differently. This profile gives you multiple opportunities to work specifically with the first Level as often as you like until you want more.

Full Access Members have All 8 Levels of Creator Profiles and in addition, all the other programs, meditations and courses.

The Pain in our lives is about one thing; missed opportunities to 'See Ourselves Loving'.

We encourage you to use every challenge as an opportunity to 'See Yourself Loving".