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Creator Profiles

Creator Profile Master Chart

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There are 8 Creator Profiles; one for each of the 8 levels of consciousness we work with in our system called Oracle of the Heart. Each Creator Profile provides unique ways of attuning you to your creative potential while aligning you with what is for your highest good at any given moment. Therefore this is a highly reflective way to open to a new way of seeing, thinking and experiencing yourself. Oracle of the Heart has provided us ample ways to work with many of the same elements. Using these profiles is one of the ways we have found that is simple and yet provides profound insights. We hope you find them as useful as we have.

Each time you create a profile you are giving yourself an opportunity to align with your divine loving self. Thus freeing yourself from any attachments or resistances from the past to be fully present here and now.

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Life Review

Therapists call revisiting the past a life review which provides opportunities to see our lives differently. These 8 Levels of exercises not only provide this, they actually assist you in changing your relationship to the event/s or person/s in a way that promotes emotional release; healing.

Each moment of our lives presents opportunities to make new choices. When you randomly select a level and layout your chart your may see events from your past differently.  Therefore helping you to see how you may choose to see the lesson there rather than bury it only to resurface again, and again. As we let-go, we allow what is for our highest good to come forth. Synchronicity is a powerful way to open to the greater good.

Choices: As a free member you may access Level One below to experience working with this process.

NOTE:  Full access members have access to all 8 Creator Profiles.  We recommend opening to the power of letting go to spirits divine guidance by using our random selector provided below to choose which level is best for you to work on right in the moment. However you may also choose to work with them sequentially. We trust that whichever way you choose is appropriate for you.

Each level has 4 primary key words and 16 possible ‘Doors of Perception’ that the random selectors provided on each level will help you to fill in your creator profile chart for the week.

Free Members can work with Level One now.

Full Access Members may opt to go thru them in sequence or use the random selector below to allow synchronicity to guide which one to work with on any given day:

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1. Level One Creator Profile          Working with receiving, giving, wanting & letting-go

2. Level Two Creator Profile         Works with discerning, trusting, knowing & accepting

3. Level Three Creator Profile      Works with unhappiness, happiness, responding, & appreciating

4. Level Four Creator Profile        Words with repelling, attracting, caring, & gratitude

5. Level Five Creator Profile          Works with listening, speaking, communing, & joy

6. Level Six Creator Profile            Works with negating, affirming, seeing, & peaceful

7. Level Seven Creator Profile       Works with controlling, liberating, accomplishing , freedom

8. Level Eight Creator Profile       Works consuming, creating, awareness & loving



The Pain in our lives is about one thing; missed opportunities to 'See Ourselves Loving'.

We encourage you to use every challenge as an opportunity to 'See Yourself Loving".