1. About My10minCoach

About My10minCoach:   heal-thyself

My10minCoach is the result of years of feeling disillusioned and disappointed with the choices I saw being made by everyone in my life. I was not only disappointed but often felt angry about how inhumane humanity seemed to be. Those feelings led me to create a lot of extremes in my life. And those extremes caused me to nearly lose my mind, and my life when I was just 21.  So I did something pretty radical even for me who at that point in my life considered myself agnostic.  From a place of sincere need, I said God if you do exist, I need your help” and immediately I was transformed!

My world changed in an instant.  What happened to me in that prime “Ask and you shall receive” event was magical. Making the choice to ask for help from a sincere place of need, to a god I didn’t even think really existed, produced a miracle. In that moment I knew that I was loved and that my life would be a wondrous journey the more I learned to love myself.  Since then I have dedicated my life to creating tools to help myself and others to achieve this ultimate truth.


I had a lot of learning to do and so I got busy. In order  to love myself I thought I needed to understand what had happened. I delved deep into spiritual teachings from many different cultures and learned many different meditation techniques. Learning a great deal about nutrition and its impact on the body and mind helped me to heal my body. And I studied different forms of body work, breath work and yoga. When I visited Sacred temples  in Mexico I was taught by Mayan elders about the cosmos and our connection to them. I frequented Native American ceremonial grounds of the Anasazi and learned of their Pleiadian ancestors. And I learned about sacred geometry and the structural perfection of the universe that exists within us as well.

Oracle of the Heart:

All the while I was being shown, piece by piece, to develop an oracle myself. It is called ‘Oracle of the Heart’ and it has provided me the day to day guidance I have needed to continue healing/loving myself and to live a rich, rewarding life with a loving wife/partner who shares in my work. I have fathered 8 creative, productive, ambitious, loving children, and been blessed to enjoy and take pride in 16 grand-children and now 2 great grandchildren. It is what I have learned from Oracle of the Heart, and what it has enabled me to create from it, that I now share in My10minCoach. Everything provided is to help you ‘See Yourself Loving’.

Each of the tools, techniques, and exercises in My10minCoach incorporate spirituality into your everyday life in tangible ways. Each meditative experience is a personal journey that uses your own life experiences to expand your awareness in ways that allow you to relate to the world from the inside out, from your loving center; as you explore the nature of your Soul, who radiates your true essence;loving.

Tools Of Engagement:

My10minCoach provides literally hundreds of tools of engagement to help guide you to know and express your best self;  your Divine Loving. Everything available is to support you in awakening into greater and greater awareness of God within each of us. As you work with these tools of engagement, new perceptions of past events emerge, shedding away self-limiting beliefs, and clearing inner pathways to bring richer experiences to you in the present.

Each of the exercises are designed to assist you in focusing on your spiritual nature, dropping the concerns of daily life. This helps you become aware that you are, in essence, a spiritual being.  Doing these exercises can help you transcend the illusions and limitations of this world. Working with these tools moves you into an  expanded awareness of your Soul.

Becoming Aware:

Becoming aware of yourself as a Soul and one with God, not as a theory but as a living reality is the goal.  Your Soul is who you truly are; it is more than your body, your thoughts, or your feelings. It is the highest aspect of yourself, where you and God are one.

The Soul is that essence of us that is a pure extension of God. The mind, emotions, and body are elements that the Soul has taken on in order to experience those levels of existence. This journey here on earth provides ample opportunities for us to learn to not be restricted by our body, emotions, or mind. I am living proof of that. Otherwise I would surely be dead or be hospitalized and deemed clinically insane by now. When we transcend these lower levels, the body, mind and emotions, that which is left is pure Soul. From this awareness we see, create and experience loving everything.

Just to clarify, that doesn’t mean we will like everything; we may even feel appalled, betrayed, angry, depressed, manic and any number of human emotions along the way. But having the tools to help us re-focus on our spiritual knowing, brings us back into balance quickly. This enables us to respond appropriately rather than react and make things worse.

You Are Not a Victim:

Working with the techniques we have developed creates a foundation of options to reference when you recognize yourself stressed in any way. You no longer have to feel like a victim of your emotions, mind or physical body. You are the creator of your reality. Simply accepting this one concept, and then establishing positive responses to what shows up in your life will change everything.

Join us and give yourself a ‘Reality Remodel’.<

The Pain in our lives is about one thing; missed opportunities to 'See Ourselves Loving'.

We encourage you to use every challenge as an opportunity to 'See Yourself Loving" and Live the Promise of your life.