The Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer: A Divine Formulalord's prayer image by Bodie McCoy

Did you know that The Lord’s Prayer was the only prayer Jesus ever taught? It is in in both the book of Matthew and the Book of Luke. Each phrase of His prayer is a divine formula for life. Ultimately it provides everything needed to live a soul-centered, loving and richly rewarding life.


    Daath: by Bodie McCoy

His prayer is the key creative formula that enables us to create in ways that are harmonious with our true purpose. It is a divine formula that aligns our consciousness to that which is for our highest good. Whatever life puts in front of you, we can attest that reciting the Lord’s Prayer, feeling each phrase as a sacred key, makes it all easier.

Saying the Lord’s prayer with this understanding will help you appreciate your individuality, while holding your unique place in the greater design of humanity. In other words we are all divine aspects of a greater whole. (As our image perfectly reflects; each dot represents an individual holding its unique place in humanity) We each have purpose.

You may also be interested to know that sacred geometry revealed to us common threads connecting every expression of spiritual knowledge that we have researched. The Lord’s Prayer, Mayan teachings, the Tree of Life, the original roots of Yoga. More on this below.

Masterfully Designed Spiritual Instrument:

Image by Bodie McCoy

Divine Descent

We experience the Lord’s Prayer as a masterfully designed spiritual instrument that moves our creative inner awareness through our chakra energy centers. Moving from our highest spiritual awareness of unconditional love down to our most basic primal instincts of physical survival. This divine decent emphasizes our purpose here on earth. This prayer clearly emphasizes “As in heaven so also in earth”.  (image of divine descent)

In His first two words Jesus identifies the ultimate realization of all spiritual teachings. He eloquently expressed this when he said, “I and my Father are one”. Oracle of the Heart, the spiritual tool we have developed for understanding ones own consciousness helps us realize this ultimate human truth. Thus enabling us to release our experiences of separation from one another and from our own self. As the first two words (Our Father) graphically describe, we are all one family. And by lovingly embracing one another as family, we realize & feel our oneness with God; that loving creator spark within.


From beginning to end the Lord’s Prayer illuminates our Sameness. For example, we all share the need for “daily bread”, forgiveness, and guidance to avoid the pitfalls of illusion AKA “evil”. This truth sets us free to accept ourselves and everything in life as a blessing. In this we are all the same. We see this sameness and it’s fundamental precepts within the Lord’s prayer and within the Hindu Yoga’s as well. Also within the teachings of Buddha, in the Kaballah (Cabala), & The Tree of Life. And we have even found them within The Sun Cross Codex at Temple of the Sun in Palenque Mexico; to name a few.

Ultimately the thread of sameness that all these seemingly different teachings share is clearly Merkabahrevealed through “Sacred Geometry” by the seamless melding of science, mathematics and spirituality. For more on Sacred Geometry in the Lord’s Prayer here is one of our blog articles for you.

Ways to Deepen Your Experience

You can find more insights about how both The Lord’s Prayer and Sacred Geometry have guided our development of Our Programs and Meditations over the past 30 years in our eBooks. We recommend reading Live the Promise first. You also may want to watch one of our Lord’s Prayer video’s to experience for yourself.

In conclusion we respect and honor that only your own experience of anything can validate or negate its value. We invite you to join us and experience the tools and meditative exercises for yourself. Thus giving yourself an opportunity to see this Divine Formula work its magic in your life too. Our own experiences of The Lord’s Prayer guided us to create Oracle of the Heart and all that we offer.   Join Us to experience it now.

In addition enjoy a video Clip from Spirit Science (@ 9:50 Jordon references Bodie’s discoveries within the Lord’s Prayer.

The Pain in our lives is about one thing; missed opportunities to 'See Ourselves Loving'.

We encourage you to use every challenge as an opportunity to 'See Yourself Loving".