Sacred Geometry, The Lord’s Prayer and You

Sacred Geometry

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Flower of Life aka Seed of Life

Unity of Opposities

Game Board Design/Daath by Bodie McCoy

Back in 1989 our efforts to understand our game board I had created (image left above) led us to make a new friend; Drunvelo Melchizedek who teaches about sacred geometry. The course revolved around the Flower of Life also known as the Seed of Life. And the Merkaba; an eight-pointed three-dimensional star tetrahedron. We soon realized it perfectly mirrored the inner structure of the Lord’s Prayer, Oracle of the Heart, and our Daath game board. We could see the same inner structure in the Mayan Sun Cross Codex, the Tree of Life and the chakra energy centers within the human body. Seeing that this key geometric structure is woven into the molecular structure of absolutely everything, revealed a key to our work.

Connecting consciously with this sacred design within ourselves, we connect with the sacredness within everything. That’s what the Lord’s Prayer, the Sun Cross Codex and Oracle of the Heart all have in common. They are all dedicated to guiding us within to attune to the sacred wisdom our our soul.

Star Tetrahedron (Merkaba)

Star Tetrahedron

Merkaba Star Tetrahedron by Bodie McCoy

Our first impression of this universal design called a star tetrahedron was how elegantly balanced it was. It represents a perfect example of the unity of opposites. It is made of two merged, opposed tetrahedrons and has four axes. Its the ultimate balanced form; and when it spins it creates what is known as a merkabah light field. Essentially, it shows how light organizes to manifest all of creation. As light it can spin simultaneously to the left and to the right on all four axes. All eight of its tetrahedron points are also spinning stars. Every point on those eight stars is also spinning stars. And this progression is believed to continue infinitely.

What we are describing in this very over- simplified way is how ‘The Light’ interacts with itself, producing multidimensional energy fields and realms of creation. Of course, this boggles the mind, which can help us to appreciate how and why true magic is superior to false magic.

False Magic vs True Magic

False magic tries to control what it cannot understand. Its approach is to divide and conquer to receive something it can understand and control. The more we divide and conquer, the more complex our lives become until eventually…. we lose control and our lives naturally collapse.

True magic is just the opposite of control. True magic is about surrendering to the perfection that simply is. We do this by moving our awareness into our soul’s center. Living in our center, we are also naturally attuned to, and in balance with, everyone and everything. Then everyone and everything cooperates with us. Hence we are in perfect cooperation with ourselves. “As you give so shall you receive.” That’s pure and true sacred magic.

These dynamics permeate every facet of our lives. Take, for example, the false magic approach to justice, ‘an eye for an eye’, which leaves the whole world blind. On the other hand, true magic says, “Love your neighbor as yourself”, and everyone wins.

A New Paradigm Game

How to occupy our souls loving centeredness is the common golden thread sacred geometry reveals. Ultimately it reveals the sacred ceremony of the Lord’s Prayer, which we see being expressed in the Sun Cross Codex at the Temple of the Sun in Palenque Mexico, in the Tree of Life, in the original roots of Yoga, and in every other expression of spiritual knowledge; true magic. Ultimately illuminating long-forgotten ways of remembering who we truly are. With this understanding we created ‘The GAME’. It’s a New Paradigm Game for understanding ones own consciousness. Sacred Geometry brought new clarity to our “game-like” process and to what an invaluable gift The Lord’s Prayer is. The presence of identical sacred geometric patterns within both the Lord’s Prayer and Oracle of the Heart helped awaken within us humanities SAMENESS; Our Humanness.  ( A definition of Humanness: The sum of the pure human qualities that we all share. )

Sacred Geometry within the Lord’s Prayer and Each of Us

sacred geometrySeeing how the sacred patterns of creation permeate and define the structures of pure consciousness in both the Lord’s Prayer and Oracle of the Heart was inspiring. Attuning to the divine essence of the words from Oracle of the Heart, which are also within each of us, reveals the natural loving relationship or connection to everything and everyone. The same outcome results from reciting the Lord’s Prayer in a heartfelt manner. The image on the left shows the sacred geometry contained within His prayer. Furthermore we are all created in this divine perfection (sacred geometry), or what we like to call, God’s signature.

Join Us and experience it for yourself.

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