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The concept of a ‘Tree of Life’ utilized in science, religion, philosophy and mythology also helped us to develop our system for understanding one’s own consciousness called Oracle of the Heart. The Oracle is a magical blend of several ancient teachings. Sacred Geometry has helped us weave golden threads of knowledge from the Lord’s Prayer to the original roots of Yoga, teachings of the Melchizedek Priesthood, ancient Mayan teachings, as well as the Tree of Life.

The version of the ancient “Tree of Life” that we have utilized most is the well know Hebrew Tree of Life. It is commonly associated with the teachings of Kabbalah, (Cabala). This “Tree” illuminates how patterns of awareness align our unique life path. This produces experiences of joy, peace, knowing, freedom, and loving through unity. Unity is the ultimate goal that most of us pursue unconsciously.

Daath on the Tree of Life:

Unity of Opposities

Daath: by Bodie McCoy

We found our way to the Hebrew Tree of Life by way of this design that I was inspired to create. It offers us a beautiful expression and a visual lesson in manifesting unity. We call this design Daath because it is made of 474 dots and in the Cabala 474 is the number of “Daath”. Daath is the mysterious invisible seraph on the Hebrew Tree of Life and literally means “The Unity of Opposites.”. [shown in light blue below]

According to the Mystical teachings of  the Kaballah:

Tree of Life

Hebrew Tree of Life

Daath is where the opposites within us unite. This is also where our Doors of Perception Meditations take us; where the opposites of past and future meld in the present. Like the 474 dots in the design left, each human soul is the same. It’s only our different positions within the illusion of time and space that make our perceptions, expressions and experiences so unique.

Each of our individual trees of life both draws and contributes to the Universal Tree of Life that is our collective Source.  These interfering influences undermine our ability to live life fully. In the worst cases deviant behaviors develop, our relationships fail, our social structures disintegrate, producing internal conflict, wars and disease.

Life Force:

From Oracle of the Heart we created 128 “Doors of Perception” meditation exercises that we see like the roots of our trees. These doors or roots help us receive life’s nurturing, wise and empowering life force. Also known as chi or prana. When our doors or roots are clogged with misinformation, fears, misconceptions and or guilt, we are deprived of vital life force. Therefore our health, creativity, and all or our relationships suffer.

By clearing our inner Doors of Perception we open these vital inner channels. This enables us to receive and to manifest effectively. The Law of Attraction, “As you give so shall you receive” is always in motion. We simply get bogged down in our unresolved emotional perceptions of past events. In so doing we give our focus to what is unresolved rather than letting go to move on.  Generally giving and receiving are considered opposites and primarily thought of as physical exchanges. The truth is, giving and receiving are vital life forces flowing through all our inner doors of perception. As a daily spiritual practice, clearing and cleansing our inner doors of perception helps bring us into balance by unifying these opposites.

Wheel of Karma:

Our conscious mind may find this difficult to discern.  When our most basic vital life forces are not flowing freely our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health suffers. Our personal tree of life becomes unhealthy. But when they are freely flowing we thrive and prosper. We glean from ancient teachings keys to living a truly fulfilling life are our willingness and ability to let go. When we let go we can listen to the subtle wisdom of our soul. Following this subtitle inner guidance of these natural forces opens us to see every challenge as an opportunity. Without this inner guidance we get bogged down and feel lost. Then we perpetuate by projecting our emotional baggage from the past into the moment. Thus re-creating more experiences to resolve what we have not let go of. Consequently we find ourselves caught on the wheel of Karma!

Individual and Collective Well Being:

By releasing the negative interfering influences undermining our individual and collective well being we reestablish healthy productive inner pathways of awareness.  Both individually and collectively we begin to respond creatively and lovingly in the present. Clearing and cleansing our Doors of Perception reconnects and aligns us with our soul’s loving inner awareness. Thus restoring health to our individual and collective Tree of Life.  In conclusion this generously contributes towards healing ourselves and the world that we all share and live in.

This is the true intent behind all timeless wisdom and ancient spiritual teachings. They offer compassionate guidance; to heal our troubled world by healing our individual selves one person at a time. “Healer heal thy self”.

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