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Let go to the loving awareness of your soul




If you were to reflect on who you are in everyday life you would most likely realize that most of your thoughts center around identifying with your personality, your body, your feelings, your actions and so on. But are “you” these things? Or are they simply aspects of who you are. You may discover something quite amazing … that you are everything…. and nothing! Not a nothing that is void; a nothing that is full, radiant, pure, loving, and eternal; a nothing that is paradoxically everything.

Our belief is that we are heavenly, creator gods, living in earthly bodies of this species called “Man”. How we ‘See Ourselves’ determines how we think and therefore what we create. Historically by seeing and thinking as physical beings who have a soul, we’ve created a wasteful, hurtful, destructive reality. Now our unconscious creations are helping us awaken to manifest realities that reflect our true selves. We navigate the earthly realms as heavenly creators by uniting our conscious, subconscious and super-conscious selves. And we do this by simply letting-go.

Our three inner-selves have very different jobs; the way the captain, navigator and engineer of a ship do. Your thinking ego mind is your captain, your soul is your navigator and your heart is your engineer. Your mind steers, your heart maintains and operates your vessel and your soul lights the way. Our challenge is that our captain, navigator and engineer all speak different languages. Here we provide various ‘Tools of Engagement’ that assure that our Captain Ego follows your Navigator Soul, guiding your child-like Engineer Heart through the universal Language of Love.

Our human blue-print is full of valuable insights like how to create responsibly by letting-go, how to “live in this world while not being of it”, how the “outer darkness” reveals us as “the light of the world”, how we create our unique realities, how to occupy our physical bodies in soul awareness, how to “let your eye be single” and how “your whole body actually is filled with light”. Discovering these insights experientially within yourself will help you shift from physical to soul awareness. If that’s your intent you’ll appreciate how these simple, heart opening exercises we offer will empower you to create new, more satisfying realities as you begin to See Yourself Loving.

The Pain in our lives is about one thing; missed opportunities to 'See Ourselves Loving'.

We encourage you to use every challenge as an opportunity to 'See Yourself Loving".