Heart Dances e-book

Heart Dances represent both the content and product of Oracle of the Heart. In depth stories offered by both Bodie and Barbara McCoy of many of their magical experiences leading up to developing their Heart Dances meditations. The pages of Heart Dances ebook are stories of trekking through ancient Mayan temples, and visits to the Anasazi great kiva. Stories of learning to let go, trust, and having faith. How sacred geometry reveals God’s signature in everything.

Excerpt from “Heart Dances” page 46:

Fear is the ballast of our soul. It is behind all our illusions of separation. Our buoyant souls naturally ascend as we simply let it go. This is very different from denial or suppression. Denial and suppression are willful acts which do not require faith. As we let go of the beast, the fear within us, we must give it to God or it will turn and devour us. When we let our fears go we must fill the space they occupied with faith in the goodness and perfection of Our Creator. And what I’m describing is the true nature of spiritual sacrifice. This is the key to the kingdom as taught by both Jesus and the Ancient Ones.

This book also contains key elements and meditative exercises to help hone its life affirming benefits.

Excerpt page 60:

Now as you begin experiencing these eight Heart Dances in Part II the internal conflicts that you have been living with will also begin to resolve. That’s a good thing but these Heart Dances are powerful and as The Light
enters the eye of your consciousness things can change rather quickly. What Barbara and I have learned is that these Heart Dances help us to become aware of our personal stumbling blocks and when we keep doing them they also help us to experience those blocks as stepping stones to new and improved realities.

About the author

The Pain in our lives is about one thing; missed opportunities to 'See Ourselves Loving'.

We encourage you to use every challenge as an opportunity to 'See Yourself Loving".