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The Magic of Luvkin Free Download

The Magic of Luvkin The Magic of Luvkin free download is a Story/Coloring Book for the child in us all. When our children were all young we created these magical characters and stories to help them embrace & love their unique selves and to embrace the uniqueness of others. The animated characters emulate our shared […]

Merkabah Activation Course Series: All 8 Courses

Complete Merkabah Activation Series: The Complete 8 Course Series on Merkabah Activation A powerful interpretation and practical application of the importance of consciously working with the elements of your own consciousness. Knowing the sacred geometry within creates balance, harmony and peace in your life. Everything we do, mentally, emotionally, and physically has an effect spiritually. […]

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Merkabah Activation Course Introduction & Level 1 Program

This initial program introduces what Merkabah Activation is and why it is important. It offers an understanding of Sacred Geometry and how we see the Lord’s prayer as a powerful tool for activating your merkabah. Also included are guided audio meditative exercises designed to work thru emotional and mental blocks in ones base chakra, freeing […]

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Merkabah Activation Course: Level 2 Program

Program 2 in our Merkabah Activation Series focuses on clearing and cleansing emotional and/or mental blocks associated with the navel chakra. On this level, you can activate, elevate and liberate yourself by discerning, trusting, knowing and accepting who you truly are, what you truly want and know every experience you have, have ever had or […]

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Merkabah Activation Course: Level 3 Program

Merkabah Activation course 3 focuses on clearing and cleansing blocked energy in the solar plexus. The aspects you will be working with center around experiences of being unhappy, happy, responding and appreciating. Our general prejudice for happiness and against unhappiness cause us to habitually react, attaching to what makes us happy and resisting what makes […]

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Merkabah Activation Course: Level 4 Program

Merkabah Activation course 4 focuses on the heart chakra and clearing emotional blocks holding us in repeating patterns. Since the creative powers of our soul far surpass those of our ego, the mind, and our survival instincts, the light within us often repels what we think we want or need in order to protect us. […]

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Merkabah Activation Course: Level 5 Program

The meditative exercises and insights we offer in level 5 of our Merkabah Activation course are specifically designed to clear, cleanse, balance, unify and activate your inner pathways of listening, speaking, communing and joy. These pathways are rooted in the throat chakra but naturally effect every level of our experiences and our creativity. On this […]

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Merkabah Activation Course: Level 6 Program

In our Merkabah activation course on level 6 you will be working with clearing any limiting beliefs clouding your vision in your third eye chakra. We encourage you to choose to enjoy your inner journey of self-discovery and self-liberation as you embrace your true nature. As you clear this inner pathway you begin to flow […]

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Merkabah Activation Course: Level 7 Program

Merkabah Activation course 8 deals with the crown chakra, where the soul enters into our physical form is the center or our identity. Who we are is something that the first two words of the Lord’s Prayer emphasizes. We are the Creators children, princes and princesses, ‘creators in training’ and most of all a spiritual […]

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The Pain in our lives is about one thing; missed opportunities to 'See Ourselves Loving'.

We encourage you to use every challenge as an opportunity to 'See Yourself Loving".