Merkabah Activation Course Series: All 8 Courses

Complete Merkabah Activation Series:

The Complete 8 Course Series on Merkabah Activation

Mekabah Activation Course12. Merkabah Activation 3 cover13. Merkabah Activation 4 cover14. Merkabah Activation 5 cover15. Merkabah Activation 6 cover16. Merkabah Activation 7 cover17. Merkabah Activation 8 cover

A powerful interpretation and practical application of the importance of consciously working with the elements of your own consciousness. Knowing the sacred geometry within creates balance, harmony and peace in your life. Everything we do, mentally, emotionally, and physically has an effect spiritually. Being aligned with what is for the Highest Good aligns you with your unique creative potential and fulfillment. Each level of this series offers insight and exercises. Hence empowering you to live a life with passion, focus and caring, and all while releasing karmic patterns!   $199.60 Sale for Limited time only: 50% OFF  Use Discount Code  50PERCENT  at checkout to get the full package for just $99.80

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