A New Era Emerging

A New Era:

new era

We see a new era emerging. Perhaps the most fundamental shift of awareness that’s humanly possible. This simple but profound, subtle yet all-encompassing shift is changing everything, except ourselves. We will remain as we always have been, however we will see ourselves differently. Perhaps for the first time in human history we will see ourselves as we truly are. And we believe this simple truth will liberate us in ways that are, at this moment, impossible for us to even imagine.

Taking vs Accepting

How can a seemingly subtle change also be ‘all-encompassing’? Consider the difference between taking responsibility and accepting responsibility. In the past our leaders have been those who have ‘taken responsibility’ for what most of us have felt inadequate to handle. As if our inherent feelings of inadequacies were not enough! We have developed a global culture that glorifies the super heroes who come to save us. From Jesus to Superman our heroes are those who step up to save us by taking responsibility for problems that overwhelm the average person.

Time to Evolve

Our heroes and saviors have been our policeman, fireman, doctors, lawyers, priests, scientists, bankers, politicians, & other professionals who took on all those areas of our lives that we, mere lay people, simply could not or would not handle. The thing about life that we are learning right now is that everything grows until it is ready to let-go. Enabling it to evolve into a new form. Our heroes have grown from the best and most capable among us into the elite who behave, and apparently believe, that they are actually better. At the same time for the sake of balance our feelings of inadequacies have also grown. As the failures of our human dynamics have grown more apparent so have our ills; poverty and disease have increased, emphasizing that it is our time to evolve.

A New Way of Thinking

Where do we go from here? How do we solve all of these seemingly insurmountable problems? Not by attacking or blaming the failed promises of those who were empowered to take responsibility by our mutual agreement to embrace a ‘might makes right’ philosophy. We solve all our problems in this ‘New Era’ by embracing a “New Way of Thinking”. One that naturally spawns a new way of living, and the new era that all of us, except those who seem deliberately drunk on their own delusions of grandeur, are finally yearning for. One of mutual respect and support for all of humanity.

Most likely you’ve heard people quoting Albert Einstein’s famous instruction; that “you can’t solve your problems with the same thinking that created them”. But what is this new thinking that we so desperately need? Is this where the ultimate savior appears to save us from our nightmare before we blow ourselves up or poison ourselves with the pollution that is the fallout of our current way of thinking?

The Savior Within

We believe the savior we all need is within each and every one of us. Life on earth is all about accepting responsibility for our own lives. We also believe in the law of attraction, which you may relate to in this way; “As you give, so shall you receive”.  The days of giving away or avoiding our own responsibility to those who are far too eager to take it from us are over. The abundant lessons of that failed approach may now encourage us all to create a new world. The more we all accept responsibility rather than let others take responsibility, we begin to see that the savior we seek is within us all. And in this new era this saviors’ name is Love.

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