5. About Barbara McCoy

Hello, I am Barbara McCoy: Welcome to My10minCoach

First let me say how grateful I am that you have found your way here. To have the privilege of sharing a few extra-ordinary moments, and divine blessings of my life with you is a delicious gift. Thank you!

I was born into a small, loving family. Both of my parents had been married before and raised a family before they met one another. And fortunately for my brother and I, they met, fell in love and had us. We grew up in the quaint small town of Sonora in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California. For me these were my healing grounds.

About Barbara McCoy

Blessed by Mother Nature

As a child I was strongly drawn to Mother nature. I felt her sacred energy flowing through me every time I stood bare foot on her warm earth, and felt the warmth of her sun as it shimmered through the leaves of the towering trees of a sun filled sky. It was magical. I didn’t know then why I felt that way, but I do now. The SAME awesome wondrous perfection we can all see in nature, also exists within us; within the sacred geometric structure of consciousness.

My Life Journey:

I am blessed to share my life journey with a man who has and is dedicated to being the best he can be, and to me, that is the most honorable goal for anyone. We have both grown so much in our years together, and through all of it we both new that it was our primary focus on what was for The Highest Good, Great Spirit, God, Universal Knowing or whatever you call it, was ultimately what kept and keeps us together. It is this faith in the ultimate good, that has helped us to recognize & realize the sameness in all of us that we so often do not see, causing us all to feel separate and alone. Let me assure you; you are not alone!  We are each unique individuals, yet hold a divine place in the greater whole of humanity; our family.

Each of our 8 children, my most precious & treasured blessings, have provided key lessons that have contributed to the development of our work. Expanding my loving to encompass and embrace them has facilitated my growth. The ability to see that the true purpose in life is to simply “love everything.” That is a tall order I know, and I work on it every day of my life. But this is the gift of our eternal Soul; to be loving. Imagine being unconditionally loving. What does that really mean? What does that look like to you

Our Relationships:

Our families and all of our relationships in life provide immense opportunities to grow into who we can be, its just a matter of whether we are willing to ‘See Ourselves Loving’. The content and experiences we offer help clear and cleanse our doors of perception so we don’t get stuck in the past, attached or resisting anything; free to be fully present in our loving, here and now.

My  prayer is that what we offer here finds its way to all those who wish to live life more fully, reaching to be the best that you can be. Each element is intended to help illuminate your personal unique path to a deeply fulfilling, heart-felt rewarding life.

If that is your wish, then you have found a most valuable tool and life long companion here at ‘My10minCoach’. Join Us Now

We Hope you enjoy the journey!

With great love & respect for who we each are,

Barbara McCoy

The Pain in our lives is about one thing; missed opportunities to 'See Ourselves Loving'.

We encourage you to use every challenge as an opportunity to 'See Yourself Loving" and Live the Promise of your life.