Surfing Love

Surfing Love


With Oracle of the Heart

By Bodie McCoy Copyright 2002

A Dynamic Tool for Self Awareness

Intention is Powerful. It is a Key to All that we Create!

Step #1: Set Your Intention by Completing these 3 sentences.

1. I want to feel _________________________________

2. I want to be __________________________________

3. I want to have ________________________________

Step #2: Click on the 4 Random Word Generators above and then find the corresponding number on the numbered chart for this weeks challenge, opportunity, theme and ascendant words.

Now create an affirmation with each word saying, "I am" in front of each word. Repeat them in sequence breathing gently but deeply. This pattern of affirmations has emerged to help clear limiting beliefs while opening your heart and mind to new possibilities

  • Only have a minute? Choose just one ascendant word for the day to affirm!

Step #3: Reflection      (Click for fill-able worksheet to make notes & print)
1. Write down what each word means to you.
2. Give yourself permission to feel each word as an aspect of yourself.
3. Now ask yourself, how does my first word represent a challenge to me? How does my second word represent an opportunity to me, my third word a theme, and how does the 4th word lift me and show me an even greater opportunity?
4. Each day repeat Step #1 to set your intention & then inwardly say your four words as affirmations several times. Reflect on the four words you receive for one full week, then play the game again. [Every seven days  is a natural creative cycle]

[Want to Play 'The Game' with friends and family? Click the button below for a printable PDF version. All you will need is a coin and the print out to Play!]

1. Receiving2. Giving
3. Wanting4. Letting
5. Discerning6. Trusting
7. Knowing8. Accepting
9. Unhappy10. Happy
11. Responding12. Appreciating
13. Repelling14. Attracting
15. Caring16. Grateful
17. Listening18. Speaking
19. Communing20. Joyful
21. Negating22. Affirming
23. Seeing23. Peaceful
25. Controlling26. Liberating
27. Accomplishing

278 Free

29. Consuming

30. Creating

31. Aware

32. Loving



The Pain in our lives is about one thing; missed opportunities to 'See Ourselves Loving'.

We encourage you to use every challenge as an opportunity to 'See Yourself Loving" and Live the Promise of your life.