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Today’s almost drug-like dependence on smart phones, tweets, emails and “online friends” is not truly fulfilling us. Nor do they quiet our fears of being alone or feeling unworthy? A good coach knows that to go beyond our fears we must go through them. What we’ve always needed is to be OK with ourselves, to love ourselves, to be our own best friends. This is what we offer! 

The ‘Tools of Engagement’ offered in My10minCoach provide a lifetime of supportive, self loving, therapeutic meditation exercises and a wide variety of home study programs to help shift one’s internal structure of consciousness in order to feel complete, whole and inter-connected. Clearing and cleansing our inner ‘Doors of Perception’ to ‘See Ourselves Loving’ is essential to our overall well being, and all of humanities. Choosing to ‘Engage Love’ aligns us with our soul awareness allowing us to see life through the eyes of our eternal self!

This is what My 10 min Coach will help you achieve. Click on the link to see what subscribing will provide you with. What You Get

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Our Brain & DNA

Fascinating discoveries about the brain are abounding lately, to the point where science and holism are unifying. One particularly interesting area of research involves the connection of our thoughts and our physical bodies, to the extent that some now point to evidence suggesting that we can ‘talk’ to our body and have it cooperate.

There is now evidence that the common idea of DNA controlling body processes is flawed, instead proving that there must be another prime mover behind the DNA: signals received outside the cell, including our thoughts.

How can we do this? Meditation has been shown to be the key ingredient in one’s daily habits to achieve a state of mind-body connection. A regular practice in meditation will allow one to enter the deeply relaxing alpha and powerful, trace-like theta brain wave states. In these meditative states, we can open the channels of communication between thoughts and cells.

With regular meditation, we can experience an intimacy with our own bodies as never before. Such as the realization that we are comprised of trillions of cells, each their own universe with their own experiences. We can then build a bridge of communication between thought and body to heal minute issues that lead to disease. In conclusion the emotions arising from this process assist by stimulating the release of hormones by the endocrine system.

This mind-body connection is similar to the Eastern philosophy of oneness. The ancient ones understood that all life is derived of energy, and therefore our consciousness has energy. Therefore with clear intentions, we can achieve physical healing, using our emotions which arise to physically respond to our thoughts in our consciousness.

Coaching and Coach Training with Bodie McCoy:

Real life-coaching is about moving through our fears and beyond our self-doubts, which our minds fiercely defend. That’s why My 10 min Coach can’t fully replace a great life-coach. It will however help you to receive more from them. If you are a life-coach what we provide can make you more effective by enabling you to take your clients deeper in less time. In our videos you will see how easy our tools are to use and share with others. If you would like to work with Bodie McCoy; developer/creator of Oracle of the Heart and all that we offer, and have him guide you through your fears and self-doubts to Live the Promise of Your Unique Life; book a consult now.

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The Pain in our lives is about one thing; missed opportunities to 'See Ourselves Loving'.

We encourage you to use every challenge as an opportunity to 'See Yourself Loving".