Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob’s Ladder:

As described in the Bible of Jacob’s ladder: “And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven; and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it. ” [Genesis 28:10-19]

Jacob's Ladder

Image by: William Blake

There are many interpretations of Jacob’s ladder. And we experience Oracle of the Heart providing a similar structure. The rungs of Jacob’s Ladder extend from the most basic earthly depths of our human experience. Then upward into the heavenly magic of our souls awareness.

The levels of Oracle of the Heart do the same. Yet is not ethereal, but provides practical tools for spiritual development.

This inner ladder of consciousness corresponds directly with the chakra energy system. When in balance, this ladder enables us to move our spiritual inner awareness into higher heavenly states. We often describe these steps of our human awareness as our “doors of perception”.

We have found 128 doors of perception that describe our sameness, and yet define how we experience ourselves to develop individually unique realities.

The Heavenly Magic within our Doors of Perception:

Utilizing this inner structure with 128 rungs moves our awareness beyond limiting beliefs and feelings that often cloud and distort our perception. Therefore ascending and descending these inner doors helps us awaken to the realms of unconditional and unlimited possibility. Thus helping us to release and move beyond our personal programing to perceive things as they truly are; loving.

This journey through your own personal 128 doors of perception, used as an ongoing practice, clears and cleanses the limiting beliefs and irrational self doubts we pick up along the road of life. It also balances the chakra energy centers of your body enabling you to view your unique reality more clearly and objectively.

We suggest one door of perception meditative experience per day (128 days). The valuable personal insights that you will receive on this journey will serve you throughout the rest of your life. These very personal insights reveal a variety of things, all of which will empower you to create more effectively and with more satisfying results.

Through each of your 128 doors of perception you are ascending Jacob’s Ladder.  Moving toward the heavenly reality you can observe how and why you are manifesting your reality. Moving your awareness up this inner ladder helps you recognize how each is also like the spoke of a wheel. This wheel is your unique version of reality.

You Create Your Reality:

The ultimate basic truth that you are a creator becomes clear as you climb your internal Jacob’s ladder. Two more valuable insights are revealed as well. One is the understanding of how and why you have constructed your reality as you have. Another is the understanding that you created your reality quite unconsciously, but with new insight you evolve your creative ability.

Ultimately clearing precise limiting beliefs accelerates understanding how you have been creating and how to create something better. This naturally leads to much more satisfying experiences; both with yourself and with all of your relationships. We invite you to Join Us. Try working with our tools as a foundation for freeing yourself of limitations opening to your souls inner guidance.

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