Inspired Words of the Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer is a Sublime Roadmap for Life

The inspired words of the Lord’s Prayer are a map of human consciousness. Its words reveal a mystical mirror into our soul. The words of the Lord’s Prayer are ‘All About Us’, our relationship to our Creator and how to live in peace.

Each attunement of the prayer aligns with one of the chakra energy centers in the body as taught in the east. Within each of these elements the prayer reveals a key to Soul Awareness. Seeing, believing, feeling, and living as an immortal creator soul changes everything. Each of the words of the Lord’s Prayer is rich with meaning. Feel the words of the Lord’s Prayer with an open heart and receive its magical gifts.

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The Lord’s Prayer in Two Words

The first two words of the Lord’s Prayer say it all. Just by honoring what these two words imply we may quickly transform ourselves, our lives and our whole world. If the changes you need or want seem too challenging, just focus on these two words; Our Father.

He/She is our Creator, and our source. And we are ‘creators in training’. Perhaps most importantly, we are family, all of humanity. By saying all this in the first two words of the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus conveyed the most important thing of all. We are all of one spirit and He/She is our Loving Creator; Our Father.

I am you, you are me and we are one and we are all creators, gods. (small g) This is the ancient Christ teaching of our human soul. Historically it has been taught and demonstrated by enlightened souls during our 13,000 year journey through the galactic underworld. That long dark journey empowered the physical illusion that causes us to see ourselves as separate. The words of the Lord’s Prayer dissolve the illusions of separation within us by revealing how we are all the same.

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  4. (excerpt from The Eighth Heaven)  “We all know that things are different now than they ever have been. We know that our lives are speeding up and many of us are suffering from stress because change is stressful. The unprecedented pressures of our lives have evolved new fears, new diseases and there is really no way that any of us can honestly indulge in the illusion that we are in control.We can struggle with our fears or we can let go, which for most of us is the scariest thought of all. What will happen? What will unfold? These are questions that will only be answered as we let go. To write this book I have had to do more letting go than I ever believed was possible and yet I still feel anxious because there is always more.
  5. Among the many blessings I have received is one I will share with you here. The one I’ve described as a “game board” and I would like to leave you with a vision of “The 8th Heaven”, which I see within it.Unity of Opposities At the center of this beautiful design is a flower, symbolic of life unfolding on earth. The whole design resembles a star or sun having 12 points symbolizing God’s will in the form of our own sun. I see these two together as the unity of heaven and earth. Every part of the design is a perfect circle symbolic of Our Creator.

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